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With every small or big upgrade of Google, it is very important to re-evaluate all the Search Engine Optimization related issues. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to argue that SEO marketing doesn’t exist as it once did because of how fast and violent this transition is happening.


More than ever, it’s up to the user to decide what needs to be done, not just a strategy designed to rank high in search engines. I’m really happy with how things are turning out. But like other SEO experts, I have always been convinced that the user is the most important factor.

I will take my time to examine the trends that will dictate new ways of doing SEO Optimization due to an era of constant change and uncertainty about the future of SEO. The information you are about to read is based on my experiences and opinions and is, therefore, not an unchanging and immutable fact. It would be ridiculous to believe that I could do such a thing. Is it natural for me, or at least any other web strategist, to think that I can make predictions on this topic without risk of error, even if I strongly believe I can?


Trends in SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is the mother of all trends. It does not make sense to use strategies only for good search engine ranking while ignoring the user. This will become more and more obvious. As a result, start building your eCommerce website to make life easier for your customers and create content that reflects their value. Please avoid wasting your time by creating useless things.

Establishing a connection between your brand and the consumer will become more important. Remember that one choice does not override the other. Rather, the user experience on your site should be prioritized above the technical difficulties of SEO. If you get a chance, try to walk with both of them. If this is not an option, select User Experience.


Duplicate content – a strong enemy to face

One of the biggest issues for websites, especially eCommerce websites, is eliminating duplicate content. To avoid duplicate content, it is important to index and rank the eCommerce website, but it should be much more obvious in the future.

They will be easier to find, and Google should be stricter with their rankings. So let me say it again:

  • Create original content for each page that provides the information your visitor is looking for.
  • Dynamic pages, such as product filters on eCommerce platforms, should be cautiously used.

The most crucial factor is completing it.

Remember that Google will check for duplicate content even if it doesn’t contain the same content. Just compare. As a result, be very careful when creating pages for your website.


Devaluation of keywords

Although it may sound ridiculous, keywords will gradually lose effectiveness. I did not say that they would disappear. I just said they wouldn’t be that important. Having this or that keyword at the beginning of the title or in the h1 will no longer matter, nor will you need to worry about their placement on your pages, difficulty rate, etc.

There will come a time when creating content for your pages is all about ensuring the page matches what the user is looking for (key elements of ON-page SEO, such as (titles and headings, along the way) will go.


Link Building is no more; Link Earning is here to stay.

The idea of ​​”link building” will die out. Google has always been against automated methods like link farms and link swaps, and with its latest improvements, Google has gotten better at finding and penalizing people who use these methods. We will see a little more as the practice already exists.

Context links will become increasingly important. All connections that are presented in the most natural way possible follow the logic of the website, do not exaggerate, and are related to the site’s topic and will have more weight. A good link should benefit the user in some way. Therefore, it is best to only click on links based on the importance of providing content that the user may find directly interesting.


Social Media: A New Approach to Search Engine Optimization

Social media platforms like Google, Facebook, and Pinterest already have some value in organic search, but no one knows. It is expected to continue to grow significantly in importance. We can already see that a successful social media campaign promotes the brand and encourages the creation of links in other media, increasing the site’s conversion rate.

Your thoughts?

I find these items to be very noteworthy. Do you share my opinion? Do you have a different perspective or something to add? Are your websites already feeling victorious?

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